Our Coalition

The Northwest Seattle Coalition is a broad array of neighborhood, business, & industrial organizations representing Seattle’s District 6 and District 7. Membership includes organizations that have in the past signed letters to the City of Seattle and Sound Transit to advocate for improved outcomes for future users of light rail between downtown and Ballard and everyone using the 15th Avenue West corridor.
  • Ballard Alliance (Formerly Ballard Chamber of Commerce)
  • Ballard Partnership for Smart Growth (Former)
  • Central Ballard Resident’s Association
  • Crown Hill Neighborhood Association
  • Interbay Neighborhood Association
  • Magnolia Chamber of Commerce
  • Magnolia Community Council
  • Coalition: Magnolia Queen Anne Interbay (Formerly Dist. Council)
  • North Seattle Industrial Association
  • Queen Anne Chamber of Commerce
  • Queen Anne Community Council
  • Transportation Committee of Uptown Alliance
  • West Woodland